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Coronavirus situation in Japan and all over the world is becoming worse. But, situation in Japan seems to be calming down. Though Coronavirus explosion was expected in Japan, it didn't happen. Hokkaido, one of the places in which infection rate was high, is preparing to withdraw state of emergency because infection rate seems to be coming down, recently. Reason may be the wholehearted support from Japanese society for the actions taken by the Government authorities, both local and central.

Some sort of good news are coming out from many places. China is getting back to normal. Also, more test kits are coming out which help to reduce time taken for testing (from 4-6 hours to 15 minutes). Also, not many child infections are coming out.

Point of worry is the fact that infections are growing very fast in Europe, US etc. Also, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, addressed the nation in the context of coronavirus spread in India.

Companies have started preparing for recession by freezing new hires, suspending investments, reducing salaries etc.

In the place that I live, I can see that people are refraining from using public transportations like Bus, train etc, especially for commutation. This is causing parking space problem in offices.

Hitachi facility reported one infected case in their Rail components Factory of Ibaraki prefecture and had to close down the factory. Infected person is believed to have visited Italy on a business trip.

Last week, Japanese diet gave, Abe san, the Prime Minister, power to declare emergency amid viral fears, though current situation doesn't seem to be that alarming in Japan. Japanese government have announced stimulus package to improve the situation. Sales tax reduction is another proposal on the table for the government to make a decision. Though Japanese government tried to subsidize and boost domestic Face mask productions, mask makers were not that receptive to the idea. Face mask availability continues to be an unresolved problem.

Japanese Government have announced $80 per day per head for those who are unable to join office for work and support the business. Some Japanese companies have announced coronavirus prevention bonus packages for their employees.

There are negative news coming out also in the form of fake coronavirus infection threats, infected people deliberately going out to public places to spread the virus etc. Cases are being reported related to discrimination towards foreigners and racism.

Many companies like, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Fujifilm, Canon Medical etc, are making great efforts to develop solutions to diagnose infection easily and to treat infected persons.

Olympic committee doesn't give any indication of change in plans of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In Japan, committee is recommending people not to gather and watch torch relay. One of the Vice Presidents of Japan Olympic Committee is also known to have infected by the coronavirus. Most of the people in Japan, are now having the opinion that Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games need to be cancelled or rescheduled.

Facilities like Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan extended their closure until end of March-2020.

There are rumors that food services like Uber Eats, Dominos Pizza etc are making more money due to the coronavirus situation as people do not prefer to go out and eat.

Travel restrictions are coming out even for domestic movements. Some Shinkansen services are getting cancelled. Some local governments are advising people not to visit specific locations. Japan have imposed restrictions on visitors from Europe. Airlines like Srilankan have come up with restrictions on transit time in Srilanka. India started banning even Indians from foreign countries. European Union have made conditions on movement between borders. Airlines and service industry are getting affected severely.

Google have warned Content Creators that wrong judgement of policy violation cases may increase because human judgement will be minimal in decision making as Employees are unable to join offices as normal due to coronavirus threat.

There are conflicts arising between countries also like in the case of China`s complaint against US and response from US to China.

Although world is after coronavirus, in Japan, Sakura season is starting. Flowers are blooming with hopes; new hopes. Cherry blossoms started opening their eyes. Hope everything will settle down soon.

Stay safe; stay healthy. Take all precautions possible so that you are not getting infected.

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