Is coronavirus destroying Japan? | കൊറോണ വൈറസ് ബാധിച്ച ജപ്പാൻ സുരക്ഷിതമോ? | homemade face mask

Coronavirus situation is worsening across the world and in Japan. Hotspots in Japan are Diamond Princess cruise ship and Hokkaido.

An immediate problem that Japan currently faces is shortage of face masks. People are queuing in shops and super markets to collect face mask ration.

Fake news are also coming out which triggers panic-buying; latest one is about a possible shortage of toilet tissues. This is based on the thinking that Japan depends on China to import toilet tissues. But this was proved otherwise when one association of Paper makers came up and clarified the situation. Anyway, panic-buying created a temporary toilet tissues shortage.

Last week, Japanese Primer Minister announced closing of schools for children above 6 years (elementary, middle & High schools). Schools, Public places like health clubs, swimming pools etc near around metros like Tokyo, are closing.

People around Tokyo are particularly conscious about the situation because of the presence of Diamond Princess Cruise ship in which lot of people are infected.

People around Tokyo are so frantic about the situation that one passenger pressed the Emergency button in train when another passenger coughed without wearing a mask. Remote ares are proceeding as usual. People are not that panic around the country side.

News came out when an art show had to cancel where Van Gogh`s popular paintings like Sunflowers were planned for exhibition. It is heard that the Arts are being quarantined.

Tokyo Catholic church have postponed all public mass ceremonies until mid of Mar-2020.

One Ramen Restaurant have denied entry for foreigners in order to protect its Japanese customer from infection. Some people have criticized this move by saying it has got a flavor of racism.

Hokkaido local authority have announced a state of emergency in Hokkaido due to a sudden rise in number of infected patients. People are complaining that this situation is caused because of Governments relaxed approach towards tourists from China during Chinese New Year by the end of Jan-2020.

There are rumors that one mother hid her infected child at home so that they don't get deserted and isolated. This is not confirmed.

Another subject of interest for the whole world is Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Though as of now there are no updates about the schedule of the event, there are all kinds of uncertainty, considering the ever increasing number of infected people around the globe. 1940 Olympics, planned in Japan, was cancelled due to war between Japan and China as well as due to the outbreak of Second World War.

Companies around Tokyo are encouraging Employees to work from home to control the infection.

Now that Spring season is coming; season which lot of tourists visit Japan to watch Sakura (Cherry Blossoms). With current situation, lot of events are being cancelled and tourists are obviously less in numbers. This will effectively decrease the required budget for a trip to Japan which otherwise would have been very expensive. Anyway, Japanese Government seems to be taking right steps. Still there are two risks involved. One, a crowded airplane in which someone is infected. Second, risk of getting quarantined back in your home country.

Kerala state in India is a model in acting and implementing right process from the very early stage which controlled the infection spreading. If you are returning to Kerala, government will urge you to stay back in home for 28 days.

If you face mask shortage, you can simply prepare one mask using face tissue, rubber bands and a stapler. Please watch the video for detailed steps.

Stay safe; stay healthy. Take all precautions possible so that you are not getting infected.

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