Jenga, the Game | Malayalam | ജംഗ എന്ന രസികൻ കളി | ജംഗ ജഗ ജഗാ | മലയാളത്തിൽ ആദ്യമായി | Life in Japan

Jenga is a very simple, but interesting game to play with family and friends. Its a wooden stacking game. Usually, 54 wooden blocks are used and game starts by building a tower of 18 levels; ie, 3 blocks in each levels. Each participant removes one block at a time and places it on top of the tower. You cannot move the blocks in the topmost level. As the tower grows, stability decreases. And the one who cause the tower to fall, looses the game.

You can buy Jenga sets from Amazon India (250 Rs+) and Amazon Japan (1,500 JPY+).

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