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Nasu Safari Park is an "experience-based safari park" where you can enjoy feeding wild animals!
About 70 species and 700 wild animals from around the world, including white lions, tigers, giraffes, hippo, and rhinos, live mainly in free range.
It is a safari park where you can feel the power of carnivorous animals such as lions and tigers, the size of giraffes and rhinos, the cuteness of small animals and baby animals and the original charm of all animals.

One can enter the park with own car, take the lion bus or choose the entrance method and go to the safari zone! From the carnivore zone, where white lions, Bengal tigers, and African lions hide, to the herbivore zone, which is crowded in front of you.
You can freely feed and interact with herbivores such as giraffes. Of course, you can see it even in the rain.

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