New Year auction in Tokyo | Tuna King | Sushi | 13 കോടി രൂപയുടെ ചൂര മീൻ | വണ്ടി കയറിയെത്തുന്ന സുഷി

Genki Sushi, Uobei is a popular Kaiten Sushi restaurant chain in Japan. They have a concept of trains and cars carrying ordered food to the table through the tracks beside the table. Ambience in the restaurant is really good and children can really enjoy the toy cars and trains carrying the food to the table. Price is also very reasonable that there are many items with a price tag of ~100 JPY. Ordering the food is also made simple through touch screens on the table. Menu is really broad and you can enjoy great time with your family. As in other Sushi Restaurants, one can find Soy sauce, pickled ginger, wasabi etc on the table itself. You can find variety of Sushi with meat and all. Also, side dishes like Oyster fry, karage etc are also served. Great place to visit with your family, once you are in Japan.

Tuna is a very important fish in Sushi recipes. Every year, first Tuna auction in Tokyo fish market is special. On 06th January, most news papers reported about 2020`s first Tuna auction. 276 Kgs Tuna was won by Kiyoshi Kimura, also known as Tuna King of Japan, for a price of 1.8 million USD. Kimura san is the president of Kiyomura Corporation which runs the Sushi chain restaurant, called SUSHIZANMAI. Kimura san continues to be the record holder for highest bid that he made last year for a 3 million USD and continues to be the top bidder for 8 years.

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