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Oshima is a beautiful island escape with hiking and beaches along the sanriku coast of miyagi, Japan. Oshima is a small island off the coast of Kesennuma, just nine square kilometers in area. Until recently, it was only accessible by ferry boat, but since the completion of the Kesennuma-Oshima Bridge in 2019, it is now possible to get to the island by car or bicycle.

The coastal sections of this route are breathtaking and offer some dramatic views of the ships lined up in Kesennuma Port. Oshima island brings some of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole Sanriku area, such as Mount Kameyama and Cape Tatsumaizaki. In the summertime, travelers can also enjoy a swim at Kodanohama Beach, recognized as one of Japan’s best beaches by the national government.

Kodanohama Beach (小田の浜海水浴場) is famous for swimming and stand-up paddle boarding on Oshima Island. Kodanohama is a beautiful beach located on Kesennuma’s scenic Oshima Island. It is ranked one of the twelve best swimming beaches in Japan by the Ministry of the Environment. While not large, the pristine white sand and calm waters are sure to wash away the weariness of the everyday.

The beach is open for swimming from mid-July to mid-August, with lifeguards on duty from morning to late afternoon. There are showers, toilets and food stalls available. The Oshima Paddle Club (オオシマパドルクラブ) offers stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) lessons here in summer.

Tatsumaizaki (龍舞崎) is located in Kesennuma. Cape Tatsumaizaki is the southernmost point of Oshima Island. Tatumaizaki is part of sanriku fukko national park. This is a very beautiful scenic sea cliff spot in oshima island. For us this was the most beautiful place in oshima island.

Uranohama Beach (浦の浜海水浴場) is another spot in oshima island, miyagi where you can enjoy sea cruise and sea gulls.

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