shabu-shabu, Japanese dish with paper-thin slices of meat | ഷബു-ഷബു, പേപ്പർ പോലുള്ള ഇറച്ചി

shabu-shabu is a very interesting Japanese hot pot dish. This is a very popular delicacy, especially in winter season. Dish is believed to have originated in China. Most restaurants provide a baikingu (unlimited food for a limited time) option for shabu-shabu.

Main ingredients are paper thin slices of meat, vegetables and variety of broths (dashi in Japanese). You get to choose your favourite broth. Broth boils in front of you to which you put vegetables and thin slices of meat. In most cases, meat gets cooked in seconds. You don't even have to put the meat to boiling broth. Instead, a few dips using chopsticks would cook the meat. Take the meat and mix with sauce of your choice. Eat and experience the magical taste of shabu-shabu.

Typically the baikingu options cost from 1,500 JPY to 3,500 JPY. In Japan, shabu-shabu baikingu options can be found in Chinese Restaurant chains like Bamiyan.

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