We ate Crocodile | മുതലയെ തിന്നവരുണ്ടോ?

I came to know about Meat Guy Japan when I was searching for buffalo meat in Japan. Meat guy is a team who distributes meat products in Japan, especially from Australia.


This site contains lot of variety meat products, including Crocodile meat, Kangaroo meat etc. I decided to try out Crocodile meat for the first time in life.

Crocodile claw reached vacuum packed and half portion came along with the skin. Appearance and smell of the meat was almost like chicken. Skin was looking so clean. One leg/feet weighed around 365 gms.

I cleaned the meat and added some spices; turmeric powder, chilly powder and salt. Marinated well and kept for ~30 minutes. Grill was prepared and meat went to the grill. After a few minutes, the skinny part started bursting out. So we cut the skinny portion away and grilled for ~45 minutes.

Crocodile grill appeared and smelled almost like chicken grill. But, meat was a little hard and chewy. Otherwise, it almost tasted like chicken. There was no surprises or shocks.

I would suggest all to try crocodile meat when you have chance.

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