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Nasu Animal Kingdom is an interesting place to spend a day with your family. Following links give the details of programmes and access information:-


Basically this is an Animal park on top of a hill in Nasu area, Tochigi ken, Japan. Road towards the location is very interesting with lot of greenery and country side views of Japan. Once you reach the parking, Park's shuttle bus will take you to their location from where you can see the low lands that you drove through to reach here.

Ticket prices are 2,400 JPY for adults and 1,000 JPY for Children, respectively. Along with the tickets, you will be given programme schedule, location guide of the park etc.

Near the entrance, you can see shops which sell souvenirs of the park.

We started with Skunk House where Striped Skunk are living. These animals are famous for the strong foul smell their scent glands generate to defend their enemies. You get a chance to smell the same near their cage.
Next we visited Wan Nyan Living where children get a chance to interact with Cats and Dogs in an open house. Before leaving the facility, you are instructed to disinfect yourself, near the exit.

Next we entered another open house called Rain forest where they have created an ambience of Rain forest. Birds and some animals are freely moving inside the room. You get to see very interesting birds, naughty monkeys, tortoise, lizards etc moving freely, available to interact, in the house.

When you exit, you can see Beavers and Otters in aquariums.

Wet Land was the next attraction and the entry itself is very charming with an ambience of tropical landscape. This is a place where I enjoyed much in this journey. There were interesting birds like Shoebill, Swans, Ducks, Flamingo etc and animals like Red River Hog, Ring tailed Lemur etc. There was a show going on with Ring tailed Lemur which was very interesting. Lemurs were so close to visitors and their movements along with their appearance made a good impression on audience, especially on children. Peacocks were there on the way out.
I couldnt make a good view of Jaguar as it was taking rest.

Then we took a bus to reach Sky Stadium which was located on another part of the campus. Bird show was a very interesting event with birds making breathtaking performance. Birds were flying so close to the heads of audience and there were interactive sessions also for audience. Different birds like Bald Eagle, Owl etc contributed to the show. After the show, there was a chance to take photos with Bald Eagle. Event location was on top of the hill from where we could enjoy surrounding foothills.

There were a lot of other Animals on display and available for interaction through out the park. List is long if I have to create one beginning from Pony, Sheep, Bactrian Camel, Kangaroo, Alpaca, Capybara, Mara etc. Children spent most of the time with Capybara because they were able to go quite closer and those animals were not worried about stranger's presence.

Day ended with photo shoot of families with the scenic beauty of the foothills in background.

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