Garbage/waste collection process in Japan! ജപ്പാനിലെ മാലിന്യശേഖരണപ്രക്രിയ!

Japan has successfully implemented its waste management system through efficient garbage collection and processing. It starts with each city defining a calendar and schedule for garbage collection across its area. This calendar and details may vary from city to city; but, still works on top of a common basic framework.

Calendar defines different garbage categories such as burnable garbage, non-burnable garbage, glass/bottles etc. Items that can be included in each category is specified clearly. Calendar shows schedule for collection of each category of garbage from a nearby garbage collection point.

Apart from the items which are collected by City's garbage collection trucks, calendar also lists items which are not collected from nearby garbage collection points. These items need to be taken to city's central garbage processing centre and at times, some payment may also be needed. Some items may not be processed in city's Garbage processing centre and may have to be contracted to waste management companies.

City also includes information, of garbage collection covers/bags which usually differ in colour depending on category of garbage, in the calendar. Residents can buy these covers from super markets in city's area.

Residents collect garbage in designated bags for each category of garbage and place the garbage bags/covers in nearest, designated collection points, based on the calendar schedule. If someone misses the schedule, another option would be garbage collection points/counters in some super markets in city area which is not that common.

Finally, garbage collection trucks from city's garbage processing centre come and collect garbage bags/covers from designated collection points as specified in the schedule. These collected garbage bags/covers are taken to garbage processing centre, filtered and done necessary treatment.

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