Sushi, World famous Japanese dish with raw fish

Sushi is a Japanese dish popular among Japanese people. It may be one of the most popular Japanese dishes across the globe. You can find Sushi Restaurants in different locations of the world.

Most popular recipe of Sushi is prepared with rice and many varieties of raw fish, served with wasabi (Japanese horseradish), shouyu (soy sauce) and pickled ginger.

This video shows Sushi box that can be purchased in super markets of Japan, basic contents of such Sushi boxes and how to eat Sushi. Please enjoy the video and leave your comments/questions.

The Sushi box I bought contained Ikura (Red caviar) sushi, Maguro (Tuna) sushi, Salmon sushi, Ebi (Shrimp/Prawn) sushi, Ika (Cuttlefish/Squid) sushi, Hotate (Scallop) sushi and some other fish varieties. It also contained garnishing like Shouyu (Soy sauce), Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) and pickled ginger.

I started with Ikura sushi, which is my favourite in Sushi. Its taste would be welcoming even for those who hesitate to try raw fish. Ikura sushi is made by putting Salmon eggs on top of rice, wrapped with Seaweed. Salty juice comes out of Ikura and goes well with rice and seaweed.

Next I went for Tuna sushi which really gives the raw fish flavour and fishy experience. But Tuna meat is soft enough to chew and eat easily and quickly.

Then was the turn for Salmon sushi which gave a better feeling over Tuna sushi. Salmon meat was very tender and felt like chewing tender coconut. It was good.

Ebi (Shrimp/Prawn) sushi felt to have cooked a little and was giving an experience of chewing Shrimp or prawn in curry. Soft and fresh fish flavour.

Ika (cuttlefish/squid) sushi turned out to be a little tough and challenging. It was rubbery and had to chew for long time to break it into pieces and eat. All this time, a strong, raw flavour kept coming to my senses.

Finally, I tried Hotate (Scallop) sushi and it was really tender, more tender than Salmon, like a real tender coconut. That was a good experience. Go and get your Sushi box and try out.

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